White gurb (Holotrichia consanguinea)


•Nation pest

•Polyphagous pest

•The grubs are mostly found in the upper 5-10 cm layer of soil.


•Eggs: White, almost round.

•Larvae: Young grubs are translucent, whitish yellow in colour , fleshy ‘C’ – shaped

•Pupa : semicircular and creamy white

•Adults: Dark brown beetle. Beetles emerge out of the soil within 3-4 days after the onset of rain.  

Life cycle


•The grubs feed roots and damage pods.

•Grubs feed on fine rootlets, resulting in pale wilted plants, dying in patches.  


Apply anyone of the following insecticides

•Carbofuran 3%CG 33.3 kg/ha

• Chlorpyrifos 20%EC 1125 ml/ha

•Phorate 10%CG 25 kg/ha  

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